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What are the benefits and features?
  • Fee based – no commission
  • No front end or back end surrender charges
  • Investment line-up
  • Fees
  • Roth and pre-tax
  • Paper enrollment form
  • Transfer/exchange/rollover form
  • Distribution form


Who do I contact?

Call (800) 943-9179 or click here to submit a form.  


What is a 403(b)?

The term 403(b) plan refers to a retirement account designed for certain employees of public schools and other tax-exempt organizations. Participants may include teachers, school administrators, professors, government employees, nurses, doctors, and librarians.

A 403(b) plan allows participants to save money for retirement through payroll deductions while enjoying certain tax benefits.


What is pre-tax vs roth?

Traditional/Pre-Tax: For those who want lower taxes now

With pre-tax contributions, the money is deducted from your paycheck before taxes, which helps reduce your taxable income and the amount of taxes you pay now. In addition, any earnings made on pre-tax contributions grow on a tax-deferred basis. That means you don’t have to pay taxes on any gains each year as you would in a taxable investment account. 

However, those tax benefits won’t go on forever. Any money withdrawn from a tax-deferred account is subject to ordinary income taxes, and if the withdrawal takes place prior to age 59½ (or in some cases, age 55), you may be subject to a 10% penalty on the total amount of the distribution, unless an exception applies.

Roth: For those who prefer tax-free income later

On the other hand, contributing to a Roth account offers different benefits. Roth contributions are considered “after-tax,” so you won’t reduce the amount of current income subject to taxes. 

However, distributions of Roth contributions are always tax-free because they were made on an after-tax basis. And distributions of earnings on those contributions are tax-free as long as they’re qualified. Non-qualified distributions of earnings are subject to regular income taxes and a possible 10% penalty tax. If, at some point, you need to take a non-qualified withdrawal from a Roth account — due to an unexpected emergency, for example — only a portion of the total amount representing earnings will be taxable.

Can I meet with someone to talk about my options?

Yes, you can schedule a TeleWealth appointment by clicking here to discuss your options.  


How do you compare 403(b) options?

Compare your options with one of our advisors by clicking here to schedule a TeleWealth appointment.


How do I enroll online?
You can create you account in minutes by watching the video below or by visiting this page. You may also enroll by filling out the paper enrollment form. 


Is there a paper enrollment form?

You can find the downloadable paper enrollment form by navigating to our documents page, and clicking the dropdown menu of the region/state that applies to you. 

What are the Plan Fees?

You can find the Plan Fees in the dropdown menu of the state that applies to you on our documents page.

What is the Plan Investment Lineup?

You can find the Plan Investment Lineup in the dropdown menu of the state that applies to you on our documents page.

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